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Planning Your Trip

I recently saw this quote about how ‘if travelling was free, you will never see me again’. This is definitely true. This small globe is filled with wonders you have not even heard about, guaranteed to take your breath away. Each and every trip you make is a self-discovery and a process of self-learning. It opens you up to the world, increases your respect towards communities and makes you fall in love again and again with this small planet we call ‘home’.

Whereas there are some tourist destinations where you can just go ahead and ‘wing it’, this might not be the case in many other destinations. There are many things to look at, be it visa to the language. This is a basic list of things that will help you in planning the trip.

Get the visas sorted in advanceIf you are lucky, you will have a passport that allows you to travel to countries without a visa permit. However, in most cases, a visa will be necessary. It is highly recommended that you prepare well for this in advance, as certain visa processes may take longer than three weeks, especially if your country does not have the respective embassy situated in your jurisdiction. Planning ahead gives you the chance to apply for your visa without much stress, and will give you the chance to re-apply in case something goes awry.

Find cheaper deals for travelThe sooner you start planning your flights, the better deals you get. The closer it gets to the date of travel, the prices will be going up constantly, and you will be forced to pay double for a ticket you could have got for a really cheap price. There are some travel websites that offer great packages or deals to those who book in advance – this might be a free upgrade to business class, a discount or a free night at a luxury hotel. So look out for such deals and book your flight as soon as possible.

Get helpIt is always good to keep in mind that not all destinations will give you the luxury of natives who can speak in English. Chances are that you visit an area with an alien language to you, and you will not be able to get the help of the natives since they cannot converse in English. Hence, it is imperative that you get prepared for this in advance.

For an example, if you are travelling in Okinawa Japan, you can always get the help of the amazing Okinawa travel agents who are always willing to help you.

My experience with Okinawa travel agents have been extremely positive, and they makes it extremely easy for you to discover the beauty of this amazing country, without having to go through the frustration of being clueless as to how to do so.

Or you can even use the many innovative travel hacks now offered, such as couch surfing. Facilities such as these connect you with helpful locals who can take you around. They are generally good in their English, and their services come free! But it is always a nice gesture on your part to give them something nice, preferably something connected to your country.

Finding accommodationGone were the days that you were forced to spend lavishly on accommodation. Innovative travel hacks such as Airbnb has made travelling so much cheaper, and exciting. This is a perfect way to find great places for cheap, and to meet great locales who are extremely helpful and kind.

Travel To Unravel: A Journey To The Intriguing Land Of Morocco

Wherever in the world you travel to, it will always be a rewarding and exciting experience. If the place you are travelling to is abundant with an opulent religious, historical and cultural heritage, with a variety of places to see and activities to indulge in, then your stay will be even more enjoyable and memorable. Morocco is such a place, with so much to see and do in numerous locations spread all over the country from Casablanca to Marrakech. Here are a few facts that will make you want to visit Morocco during your next holiday;

The Mesmerising View

It will be hard to miss the beauty of the scenery in whichever city you end up in during your trip. From the intricate architectural features of the Saadian tombs to the view of the setting sun against the golden sand seen during Sahara desert tours, you will be warmly welcomed by awe-inspiring sights anywhere you go in Morocco.

The country’s main cities are rich with a number of interesting sites that have been popular tourist attractions for many years. Excursions such as Sahara desert tours are offered in packages inclusive of camel rides and overnight camping which will provide you a good opportunity to further explore the Moroccan desert.

The Best of Every World

The uniqueness of the Moroccan experience has much to do with the fact that the country, being situated in Northern Africa and visited by merchants and explorers from all over the world through the centuries, has been influenced by a mixture of the Arabic, European and Sub-Saharan cultures. A visit to one of the many museums, raids and palaces will give you a feel of how each visit by a group of explorers and each invasion by vandals and captors have shaped the history and existing culture of the land. You will also witness a diversity of cuisines varying from traditional Moroccan dishes such as tagine, couscous and the infamous Moroccan mint tea to their continental counterparts such as French, Spanish and African dishes.

From Hot to Cold

The country experiences both hot and cold weather. Depending on the region that you are travelling to, you will be able to encounter temperatures as high as 35 degrees Celsius to as low as 5 degrees Celsius. Morocco is home to diverse geographical features varying from scorching hot deserts in the Sahara to snow-capped mount peaks in the Atlas Mountains. The coastal regions adopt a climate common to the Mediterranean – dry and warm in the summer and wet and breezy in the winter. More towards the inland regions the weather can become a bit more extreme. However, Morocco experiences relatively stable and predictable weather conditions which makes it a great holiday destination throughout the year.

How To Have A Nice Time At A Hostel

A hostel is a place to stay in which an entire group composed mainly of people who are strangers to each other can spend the night at a far cheaper rate than at a hotel. It is one of the most common forms of accommodation used by frequent travelers who understand how important a budget can be. If it is your first time staying in one of these places, you are bound to be a little nervous about the atmosphere. There is a lot of doubt that can spring up. However, if you have chosen a hostel that is reputed for decency and safety, and if you follow a few tips, you should be completely find. In fact, you could have an experience that could change your life for the better in a place like this!

Know the hostel

Once you have entered the hostel, make sure you unpack and then survey your immediate area. This means the bedrooms and the people in it. There will usually be a few more people in the dorm. There are also a bunch of common rooms for recreation. Walk around, introduce yourself, be positive, and try to make a few friends. For the most part, the hostel is a place for relaxation and unwinding. In places like Daylesford group accommodation is becoming increasingly popular, and it is probably in part owed to the fact that the people in these places are incredibly helpful and nice overall.

Co-ed or nah

If you are a single female traveling through, you may want to choose a room that has only females in it. This is in no way meant to be sexist, but female only rooms are cleaner and a lot calmer than the more boisterous co-ed dorms. With Daylesford group accommodation you usually get the option of picking between the two. It depends in part on the atmosphere that you want in the room when you get back after a hard day of hiking and exploring the nearby area. There aren’t many people that want to do anything more than unwind, and in this case a single sex room is probably the best for you, to just chill out and think about your day.

There are many more tips that can be given to a prospective globetrotter, and all of them are helpful. If you need any assistance, never hesitate to ask the other people in your hostel for help. All of them are fellow travelers, and are more than willing to help out one of their own. Don’t worry about a thing, because contrary to the horror movies, it is an extremely safe place.