Australian Destinations For Winter Travel

Australia has its own unique beauty in winter. For this reason people, who are travel freaks, use to visit the many different destinations of Australia in winter.

Alluring sea beaches, wild forest, beautiful country sides, captivating mountains and impressive desert – all are there to impress you, attract your attention and satiate your thirst for travel. In winter, there are a lot of things to view and do in this land of kangaroos. Moreover, you can spend a considerable amount and in fact enjoy good exchange rate of foreign currency too in Australia. All you need to do is to know about the money exchange locations of the destinations. This will simplify your money exchange. Look at here now if you are looking for reliable money exchange in Perth.

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If you are a first time visitor of Australia, then this article is for you. It will really help you to know which places to see, to get introduced with the beauty of this country.

Falls Creek, Victoria:

It is situated in Hume region, 350 km. away from Melbourne. The place is famous for skiing. There you may also try snowboarding. The villagers of this place stay 1600 meters above of sea level. It is covered up with 65 km. of snow sport trails. There is no limitation of skiing rather it is child friendly too. Most of the skiers come here for enjoying their skills.

Blue Mountains, NSW:

Do you want to experience the real enjoyment of “Christmas in July”? Then you have to go to Blue Mountains. If you visit this place in June-August, then you will be a witness of Christmas festival arranged by the rural villagers of the place. It consists of warm feasts and roaring feasts. You should not miss the Winter Magic Festival on 18th June which is the annual event of Blue Mountains. This Mountain is all about scenery. You will have the whole view of the mountain from Katoomba. Besides, you will have numerous walking tracks where you can treat your eyes with a rich scenario of nature.

Whale Watching:

Whale Watching is one of the attractions of Australia which you will found in its Western part. You will see whales in May- September. You will see Humpbacks, Southern Right Whales and even Blue Whales. The popular sites from where you will have a clear view of these Whales are, i) Albany ii) Augusta iii) Exmouth.

Melbourne, Victoria:

Artistic winter, bustling metropolis and warm soul are the distinctive features of Melbourne. This is known as “World’s Most Livable City”. And you have the unique chance to feel the charm of this city in winters.