Planning Your Trip

I recently saw this quote about how ‘if travelling was free, you will never see me again’. This is definitely true. This small globe is filled with wonders you have not even heard about, guaranteed to take your breath away. Each and every trip you make is a self-discovery and a process of self-learning. It opens you up to the world, increases your respect towards communities and makes you fall in love again and again with this small planet we call ‘home’.

Whereas there are some tourist destinations where you can just go ahead and ‘wing it’, this might not be the case in many other destinations. There are many things to look at, be it visa to the language. This is a basic list of things that will help you in planning the trip.

Get the visas sorted in advance

If you are lucky, you will have a passport that allows you to travel to countries without a visa permit. However, in most cases, a visa will be necessary. It is highly recommended that you prepare well for this in advance, as certain visa processes may take longer than three weeks, especially if your country does not have the respective embassy situated in your jurisdiction. Planning ahead gives you the chance to apply for your visa without much stress, and will give you the chance to re-apply in case something goes awry.

Find cheaper deals for travel

The sooner you start planning your flights, the better deals you get. The closer it gets to the date of travel, the prices will be going up constantly, and you will be forced to pay double for a ticket you could have got for a really cheap price. There are some travel websites that offer great packages or deals to those who book in advance – this might be a free upgrade to business class, a discount or a free night at a luxury hotel. So look out for such deals and book your flight as soon as possible.

Get help

It is always good to keep in mind that not all destinations will give you the luxury of natives who can speak in English. Chances are that you visit an area with an alien language to you, and you will not be able to get the help of the natives since they cannot converse in English. Hence, it is imperative that you get prepared for this in advance.

For an example, if you are travelling in Okinawa Japan, you can always get the help of the amazing Okinawa travel agents who are always willing to help you.

My experience with Okinawa travel agents have been extremely positive, and they makes it extremely easy for you to discover the beauty of this amazing country, without having to go through the frustration of being clueless as to how to do so.

Or you can even use the many innovative travel hacks now offered, such as couch surfing. Facilities such as these connect you with helpful locals who can take you around. They are generally good in their English, and their services come free! But it is always a nice gesture on your part to give them something nice, preferably something connected to your country.

Finding accommodation

Gone were the days that you were forced to spend lavishly on accommodation. Innovative travel hacks such as Airbnb has made travelling so much cheaper, and exciting. This is a perfect way to find great places for cheap, and to meet great locales who are extremely helpful and kind.